Data importing or exporting questions

These are some common questions regarding data importing and exporting. Please review the information below and follow the instructions to troubleshoot your issue. If after doing so you still have questions or experience difficulties, please contact Support.

I have attempted to run an export action but it did not create a file to download.

This happens when the file for export becomes unavailable on the server. Read this article to help resolve this issue: Importing and Exporting your data

While running a model-to-model import process this message displays:
Import Connector: Failed to retrieve data from remote server (caused by : HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error)

  • This may occur when there is no response from the source model for the import. Retry the import action. If it isn’t successful, create a case by emailing Please include the following information:
    • a screenshot of the error
    • the names of the source and target models
    • the process/action name
    • the time the process failed

An import process is stuck at X% and is still processing.

  • Wait for the action to finish or, if it is taking longer than usual, note the duration when the import was started.
  • Open a support case by emailing Please include the following information:
    • Describe the type of process (is it a model to model, module to module, or list to module process?).
    • The names of the model, module, and process.
    • Whether the action/process is run from a dashboard.
    • The purpose of the action (is it deleting records, updating data, or adding data?).
    • Whether a specific action or all the actions in the model are affected.

Having an issue importing data via APIs?

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