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Feature: Pages Interface for Modules

Release Date: September 2022
Update Date: November 2022
Impact Assessment: Better alignment with UX pages


What is changing?

A new tab is available in the Admin screen of the Pages interface called Modules, which lists the modules used on that page. Those names can be selected and will open the modules as a new tab. 
Update November 2022: Search for modules within the modules tab of the Pages interface.

What are the benefits?

This new view will make it easier to identify the modules being used in a UX Page directly within the modeling experience. 

Will I have to do anything?

The functionality is optional to use and is available in the Pages interface under the Modules tab of the Admin screen.

What should I be aware of?

The Pages interface is only available for UX Pages and within the new model experience. Classic dashboards are still found within the module blueprint view, and the page interface is not available within the classic modeling experience.

The module usage tab identifies the modules that are used as the source for the cards in the UX, it does not identify modules used as filters.  The recommendation is to continue to label your filter line items and modules for easy identification.

 This is the next step in creating a tighter link between the user experience and the model experience; look for even more in the future.     


Check this video of the enhanced Pages interface with the new Modules tab.




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That's great addition but we want the opposite. "Used in dashboards" kind of feature in Modules tab. The ability to see where the particular module is published as a grid or table in Boards, Worksheets and MR.

Fully agree with @KirillKuznetsov 👍


Yes, we need opposite.

It's a great first step, but the "used in dashboard" feature in classic was significantly more relevant to maintain the solution and understand the impacts of module changes. Will this come next?

Great addition and same feedback : it s "used in page x" from the module (or actions) that would bring the most value there

Agreed to @KirillKuznetsov as we need to trace usability of the modules on dashboard

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