Speeding up your blueprint configuration

As a model builder, you have to define line item formats over and over. Using a text expander/snippet tool, you can speed up the configuration of modules.

When you add a new Line Item, Anaplan sets it by default as a Number (Min Significant Digits: 4, Thousands Separator: Comma, Zero Format: Zero, etc.). You usually change it once and copy it over to other line items in the module.

Snippet tools can store format definitions of generic formats (numbers, text, boolean, or no data) and by a simple shortcut, paste it in the format of the desired line items. 

Below is an example of a number format line item with no decimal and hyphens instead of zeros. On my Mac, I press Option + X, I type "Num..." and get a list of all Number formats I pre-defined. I press Enter to paste it. It also works if several line items were selected.

The value stored for this Number format is :


Number Format.gif

Here is the result of a text format snippet.


Text Format.gif

Or a Heading line item (No Data, Style: Heading 1).

----			false	{"dataType":"NONE"}	-	Year	Model Calendar	All	false	false	{"summaryMethod":"NONE","timeSummaryMethod":"NONE","timeSummarySameAsMainSummary":true,"ratioNumeratorIdentifier":"","ratioDenominatorIdentifier":""}	All Versions	true	false	Heading1		-	-	-	0 

Heading Format.gif

This simple trick can save you a lot of clicks. While we are unable to recommend specific snippet tools, your PC or Mac may include one by default, while others are easy to locate for free or low-cost, online.

The content in this article has not been evaluated for all Anaplan implementations and may not be recommended for your specific situation.
Please consult your internal administrators prior to applying any of the ideas or steps in this article.

Very good trick ! thanks Ben

great work! 🙂

Thanks for this.  I've spent about 20 minutes today trying to debug code that I had written in Notes.  I'm always looking for better ways to do these types of things.

Great approach, Ben!

Configuring templates for lineitems is essential.

Do you know if the snippets need to be adjusted in case of major platform updates and new columns of blueprint added?



Hi @nikolay_denisov, I do not think format definition will change in the short term. Regarding blueprint columns, I had to update the Heading snippet with the Time Range update. Done pretty quickly though.


How do you do this on a windows 10 pc?

Thanks @Ben.P  for this quick and wonderful trick. I tried it on my laptop using OneNote. Have to say that OneNote is not that user friendly for such a quick open, search, and store text. Can you let me know what snippet tool you used here? 

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