Configurable default selection for context selector

Configurable default selection for context selector

I recently had a question from a client who asked if it was possible to set a default list member (or the top level of a list, eg. all products) as the default for the context selector at the top of a page.


They wanted to be able to select a particular layer, list member or top level of a list and always have it revert back to that level when clicking "Reset" for example.

(I appreciate we could stick the list member at the top of the list but this isn't what they really wanted - they wanted "all products")


Hopefully not a difficult one to add!

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Hi Anaplan, 


One of the limitations of the NEW UX is the ability to select the default list item / dimension on a chart or table on a board element. 


It would be great if this old dashboard functionality could be incorporated in the NEW UX. 


As suggested by @swoods93  and @Ari 






Agree, thank you @usman.zia 


Yes, thanks for posting!

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I fully support this request.

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Still looking for this ability to set NUX selector defaults.

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Currently it isn't possible to set a default value for a context selector in the NUX


This functionality did exist in the old UX. And was especially useful to have overview reports display the totals. Or focus on the most important element but allowing the user to change it...


Can we have it back?

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Everyone i know supports this.  Please can we have parity with classic on this.

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I have just had a request from my client to set the UX context selectors to a default - is this on the roadmap and any idea of timings?



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Posting on behalf of AthenaHealth:


When publishing page selectors, we are able to edit the page selectors inside of Edit mode and they remain as the default after being published.  However, this behavior does not exist for the individual selectors on cards, and we are seeing that any Refresh action will revert these selectors back to the top of the list.  We would love the ability to set card selectors as defaults as well.

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Wondering if there's any update on this? 

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I was too quick to respond.

This is actually a good idea.


Hi there,


Currently, we can use "Use Top Level As Default Page?" option in Configure section of the General List, to make top level default filter selection in NUX. 

However, there is no such an option for Time list.

Would be great to give this flexibility for an end user.

Also, "Use Top Level As Default Page?" option makes the selection for all pages with this dimension filter. Would be great to be able to customize this for each page.



Humay Kh.

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Users I work with have also requested this functionality.

The particular ask is to have the top level of a hierarchy as the default selection in each page. Users can then select a lower level if needed.

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I found a workaround this issue with a reset button on the page.

This process has 2 actions

1- An import of top level against the user dimension on a Module that then acts as a user filter for the selectors . 


2- Another action that removes this filter, to show everything. 


In the end the user is left with a page reset to default selectors.


And now I've changed it to a single boolean. True means only L4 of an hierarchy is showing, false means the full hierarchy is in the selector. Also controls which currency is displaying.