Enable Power BI Anaplan Connector with SSO

Enable Power BI Anaplan Connector with SSO

The majority of our customers have an SSO only policy. This means Power BI can not be used by them for additional analysis of Anaplan Data.

As a Power BI end user with SSO enabled I want to be able to use the Power BI Anaplan Connector so that I can do additional analysis in Power BI.

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That is disappointing indeed! Need to keep that in mind while promoting PowerBI connector. Hope it will be possible. 

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SSO is a key element for security, so it is a mandatory functionality for us before using this new connector.


I agree with Phillip, Filip and Guillaume, this is very disappointing and greatly limits the benefit of a PowerBI connector, additionally I would expect more and more companies will make SSO a key component of their cyber security foundation.


I am hopeful that this will be a near term priority since the connector was recently release.

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Came across similar limitation to use PowerBI connector, as we are SSO only organisation. 

Hope we could have some solution around this, to drive more business unit reporting requirements. 

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Agreed with everyone else - exclusively SSO organizations see this as a significant limitation.

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Hi Guys, new to Anaplan, any update on this topic?



My limited understanding is that this is being worked on, I have heard potentially mid 2022.