Format Column Alignment

Format Column Alignment

It would be amazing if we could align data in table columns to left, right or center. When you have two columns next to each other and one is text and the other is number then they look like they run together due to the alignment of the data format. Also, it just doesn't look very nice. 

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This would be a huge UX improvement!

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Agreed, having the ability to show / present your data more clearly is critical and would be a big improvement

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I agree, as well. This alignment feature would improve the visibility of the data.

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+ 1 please allow UX to align cell values - left, middle and right

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Agree! Even if we can't have left, middle and right, it would be great if we could at least align text and number to same side since it is currently opposite (left for text and right for number).

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Folks,  this is not optional.  We must have this.  Right now i have a number box of just one column on top left of NUX screen. the numbers are presented way off to the right on just one column.  I have to use 7 nux columns just to the number '£12.00'  Inserting a blank card and shoving it over to the left doesn't work.  Putting the box on the right of the screen helps but why should i have to?


In other examples i have changed to a text field to force the justification to the left. 



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Agreed. This should be basic functionality.

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