'Freeze Panes' Functionality When Scrolling in a Module within a Dashboard

'Freeze Panes' Functionality When Scrolling in a Module within a Dashboard

The ability to freeze the rows or columns when scrolling within a module that has been published to a dashboard.  In some instances, when you cannot trim the module to be user friendly on a dashboard and scrolling is required, it is easy to lose your spot as to where you are within the rows or columns of the module.  A 'Freeze Panes' type of functionality, as it exists within Excel, would be incredibly helpful and has been requested multiple times by a client. 

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@pbenz - Thanks for taking the time to submit the idea.  We are moving the idea to "Acknowledged" as it meets our Community Guidelines.  We encourage the greater community to provide feedback or ask any questions, as well as supporting it with kudos.

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Thanks for submitting the idea @pbenz. We have this on the roadmap so will let you know when we have more news 😉

I'm super excited about as have a number of uses for it with our internal models! Sure you will be too. 🙂



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Status changed to: On Roadmap
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Thanks for the update Simon.  I know many of our clients will love to see that change. 

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This is such a simple but great feature. Thanks for submitting and placing this on the roadmap. Looking forward to learning when this will be available. 

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Thank for submitting this idea. My client will love to see this new features 

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As client it would be very appreciate to see this development quickly.


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One technique I use on dashboards to limit the need for scrolling is to create a Master Module and a Detailed Module. 


The way this works is the top module would be the master with the list in rows and the most important line items shown in columns.  Then below publish a second module with the list as a page selector and the relevant additional line items in rows.  This allows a user to see the primary data in the main grid but then select an item to see detailed information about it below. 


An example is the Master module could have products and then line items to plan units by time, the detailed module would have the product attributes such as style, cost, price, etc. 

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Appreciate if this feature can be available quickly. 

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It's now close to a year since the initial request. All the users from our business are eager to see this feature available.

Do we have ETA? thx

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Definitely in need of this functionality, especially the ability to freeze header rows on a dashboard!

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This seems to be a feature in the New UX. Are there plans to introduce it to the dashboard in the classic?



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Has this been implemented yet?

Nicolas Cadier
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Is there any update on the implementation of this idea?

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This is a crucial need for our organization as well (mainly to freeze columns), is there any news on the implementation?

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Would be great if someone could provide an update on this feature request.  Clients are screaming for this feature and I can understand the frustration.  

Has the freezing of columns been implemented in the new UX?  If so, can someone point me to documentation?



As of today - March 8th 2021, this feature is unavailable in New UX and classic.


This is a critical feature that is needed for end users.  I can understand why this was delayed with focus on building out the New UX, however at roughly 3 years since first requested and noted as being added to the roadmap, it would be wonderful if this was added to New UX.  I suspect that this will not be added to classic dashboards with the focus on New UX, however would be nice to have there as well.


User experience is significantly impacted by the lack of this ability.  In many dashboards it is unrealistic for the user to see an use the Hierarchy instead of some key attributes or line items that further make the input relevant.

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A significant number of my customers have requested this functionality and we believe it would be extremely useful.