Upcoming Maintenance: April 25 2020

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Disclaimer:  Please note: The information here is subject to change right up until each release is live. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.


Anaplan will be making enhancements to the platform on April 25, 2020, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. PDT.

We are excited to make it easier and smoother for you to log into Anaplan.

From now on, Anaplan SSO users tapping a link to an Anaplan destination (Classic, NewUX or WorkflowEA) can log in through a new link:"Log in with Single Sign-on (SSO)". 

This link is visible under the email address field. The enhancement will direct users to their SSO provider's portal page to enter their credentials.

If they have clicked on a destination to Anaplan, after successful login they will land on the destination page.

This also means SSO users can login directly to Anaplan from Frontdoor.


April 25th Release.png

The platform will be offline during this maintenance window. Once the maintenance is complete, you can resume your work in Anaplan.


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