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The best way to hone your expertise is practical experience. We recommend one or more years of hands-on experience using Anaplan to uncover all you can do with the platform. Training can also help you advance your technical skills and learn best practices for working with Anaplan.

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Good tips! 👍

@ChrisWeiss The CoE Charter Template PPT has the Governance Structure - Centralized or Federated, as step 8 of the process.  However, in the "Introduction to Centers of Excellence" link above, it says establish governing body and establish governance as part of Phase 1: Foundations and establish central responsibilities as part of Phase 2: Centralize.  Are those different than choosing the Governance Structure?


Also, "Selecting Center of Excellence Governance Structure" has the CoE steps: Define Governance Structure then Identify Location of Key Participants and then Recurring Meetings.  However, the CoE Charter Template PPT has a different order: Identify Location of Key Participants, Recurring Meetings, and Define Governance Structure. 


Can you please clarify? Thank you!

Excellent consultation and very structure!

Excel 3.0 link does not seem to work, gets me the 404 error

Oops! That page can't be found.

Anaplan Connector Guide for Dell Boomi link above also produces 404 error.

Excel 3.0 link doesn't work. but i find the anapedia page about Series 3:

Also find that there is already Add-in 4.0.

@AnyaS , @JessieZ the links have been fixed now. 


Thanks @pam_pervenanze for making the changes!

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