Anaplan Foundations (101)

The purpose of this training is to bring end users up to speed with the Anaplan platform. It is not intended to be a dive into building models. Additionally please note that what is discussed in this training is general information and not specific to your Anaplan build. Attached to this article, at the top right, is a link to download some basic job aids covering the topics contained in the training.

After completing this learning you will understand:

  • Who Anaplan is
  • What the Anaplan platform does
  • What Anaplan means to your role and others within your company
  • Basic Anaplan navigation and terms

This course will take approximately 25-35 minutes to complete.  

Please note, if you have issues with the YouTube videos in this course, please send an email to Not every corporate firewall is the same and we have some alternative methods for accessing the videos.

Anaplan Partners and Customers

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This is a great introduction to Anaplan for individuals who are not yet an Anaplan customer or partner. Although your progress is not tracked to a learning transcript at this time, we encourage you to launch this course using the link below.

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I was unable to see the videos on the basic functions.  Every time I clicked on a tile I got this error message:

<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>18EF8E534C82619A</RequestId><HostId>Qns+ckCFCyJnFrUNV/51TvyjVc1Yqn14kYKtHsdSHvYvgmpB32hNe8Jl7sVO6YUcDAcdOv22wIA=</HostId></Error>

PM sent, thanks

I found this information very useful not to technical 

Hi, there is a slight error in the video within the "Using Anaplan" Section.  The summary section for "Model" is labeled "Module".


Good overall summary and introduction to Anaplan and thanks for keeping it up to date with the "undo" addition.  





This appears to be redundant with the following link:


Please consolidate these links so that only one solution remains for user to reference.


Thank you!

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