Hub Model Hierarchy Management

Audience: Model Builders

Summary: Anaplan Advanced Topics are deeper dives into specific areas of Anaplan.  This class gives the Anaplanner the fundamental steps to automate a hierarchy load from a Hub model to a downstream model. This training is intended for Anaplanners wanting to automate loading hierarchies/lists.  You should have a good understanding of modules, views, actions, and processes before taking this training.

Course Objectives: By the end of this class, you will:

  • Understand the architecture of hierarchy management from a Hub model
  • Utilize best practices in this process
  • Use the Anaplan Connect Wizard to import data from an outside source into Anaplan

The course will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Start the course here.

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Hi @ChrisMullen,


It seems that the link posted in this article is directing me to Anaplan 345: Agile for Internal Development instead of the Hub Model Hierarchy Management training.



I just checked the link and it worked for me.  Try this link and let me know what you are getting, feel free to direct message me if it does not work.  I will be retiring this course soon as the start of Level 2 Model Building has more easily digestible content on data hubs and hierarchy management.  We are working on expanding the lessons from the Level 2 Model Building into the Community to make them more accessible. 


The new link worked just fine for me. I was also able to find the course through an older article. I checked the link posted in this article again just to see if it worked this time, and it is still not working for me. The hyperlink in this article is taking me to


Thanks for the information about retiring the course! After taking both L2MB and 305 now, I agree that the content in Level 2 is a bit easier to understand.

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