Planual Conventions

The Planual is organized by Chapters, Sections, Rules and associated Exceptions

Rules are numbered as part of the chapter and section:

1.01-01 Never use SELECT with Time

Chapter Number = 1 (Library)
Section Number = 01 (Time)
Rule Number = 01 (Never use SELECT with Time)


Cross references are shown under the rule description:
Related to Rule:
2.02-14 Avoid using SELECT


Also, if there are exceptions to the rule, those exceptions will be shown in italics:


1.01-01a Generic Time periods: It is OK to use SELECT with Generic Time periods such as Actual Period, Current Period, YTD, YTG, ALL Periods


Also included are references to Best Practice articles which cover the rule content in more detail.

Best Practice article:

Time Range Application



The Zen of Anaplan

The Zen of Anaplan

Ten guidelines


2020-11-05_15-26-52.png• Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD

Calculate once, reference many times

• Simple > complex

• Only calculate when you need to

• Sparsity is not your enemy

• Big and fast > small and slow

• Booleans = great. Text = bad

• Text joins = worse

• Don’t let exceptions overcomplicate the model

• Sums and lookups are good, but never together




PLANS is set of rules that aim to help structure and design Anaplan models. Together, they clarify good model design for all users—individual Anaplanners,
teams, and anyone handing models over to others.

PLANS stands for:


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