July 2022 releases and August sneak peak

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Released in July

User Experience

  • Usability - we have increased the width of the list item selector in grid editors, filters and context selectors enabling you to see a large hierarchy more easily.

Management Reporting

  • Variance Reporting: Management Reporting now offers “Variance Reporting” for quick variance analysis as absolute value or percentage. This enables face-of-the report variance calculations without modifying the underlying model, further democratizing access to pixel-perfect reporting, all within Anaplan.

  • Exporting Management Reports to PDF: We’ve made improvements to the PDF export capability for Management Reports so you can now export up to 300 slides at a time. You can continue to work seamlessly in Anaplan while an export is processing and receive a notification when the export is ready to download. We have also added the ability for the user to disable the pdf export on the report page if required.

  • DynamicText card updates: - we have added support for bullets in the dynamic text card and added the option to set the text size directly rather than using text styles

  • Additional page size support: - we have added support for two additional page size so you can now choose sizes that match the default for Powerpoint

    • Standard (4:3)

    • Widescreen (16:9)


  • Anaplan for Microsoft 365 (AM365): AM365 offers a new way to interact with Microsoft Office tools like Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Designed to bridge the Anaplan user experience and Microsoft 365 applications, these brand-new extensions enable users to perform fast, flexible ad-hoc analysis and reporting, by leveraging Anaplan UX cards and templates, driving consistency and speed of decision making, while leveraging Anaplan as the single source of planning truth. This new extension is available for download from the Office Add-in Store, click here to learn how to install it.

AM365 Excel - writeback.png


  • Cloudworks Integrations for PlanIQ: Drive forecast accuracy by easily incorporating even more internal and external data into forecast models. Allowing our users to directly pulling related data and attributes from AWS S3 and Azure Blob via Cloudworks into PlanIQ, surpassing the need to bring the data into Anaplan.


  • XLS Exports updates: We have made small changes to the way that XLS exports are processed in order to continue to support for this old file format and to maintain platform stability.

Targeted for August

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.


  • Multivariate linear regression (MVLR) and explainability for PlanIQ: Fast, advanced statistical forecasting with feature importance, providing insights on how and which drivers most impact forecast results.​

Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • August 6: Platform offline:Infrastructure update

  • August 20: Platform offline:Infrastructure update

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