June 2022 releases and July sneak peak

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Released in June

User Experience

  • Report Page usability enhancements: It is now even easier to create great looking Management Reports using the Report page with some exciting new usability updates
    • Layout enhancements, snap to grid - You can set the layout engine in design mode to use snap to grid to help with aligning your cards on the report.

    • Lock cards - You can now lock cards in place such as background images so they no longer get moved by mistake when changing the layout.

    • Copy & Paste Cards - Copy and paste cards across slides on the same report to save time recreating common cards. The Cards will paste in the same location as the original on the separate slide.

    • Enhance Zoom - More granular zoom settings to focus on a particular area of the report

    • Short cut keys - You can now perform a number of layout option actions using short cut keys



  • Report Table Formatting enhancements: It is now possible to format down to an individual row or column on the presentation table in the report page. This includes the ability to apply number scaling and number formatting, thus giving the report builder even more flexibility to create great looking reports.

    • Row and column styling - Change the background, font colour or emphasis a row or column in the presentation table.

    • Number scaling - Change the numbers on your report table to display in Millions or thousands depending on the most relevant to your audience.

    • Number formatting - Update the number formatting to % or apply a suffix or prefix directly on the report depending on your needs.

  • Include list properties with grid exports: Replicating a feature when exporting data from Classic grids, we’ll be adding the ability to optionally include labels and list properties when exporting grids of data from the UX.

Include list.png


  • Additional options for running model actions: Based on customer feedback we’re adding an additional option against model actions in the UX that will ensure end users are always prompted before their action runs and always shown a summary of the action, even when it completes successfully.


  • Improvements to Platform Messages: We've improved the way in which messages are displayed to users today, including informative and error messages like access issues, processing messages.  Messages that previously appeared in the blue “toaster” now appear as pop-out messages in the top right. System processing messages through long running actions or blocking actions appear in a new message banner across the top

  • image (9).png
  • Extra control over how your model actions run in the UX: 

    We've made changes to the Page Builder experience to increase the level of control you can have over how model actions run in the UX. These changes will allow you to decide if you want your actions (imports and processes) to run silently, or to trigger prompts and confirmation messages. Check out our Feature Update blog for more information.

    Note: We will not be changing the default behaviour- imports and processes will continue to run silently/automatically.


Enhancements to Anaplan Connector for DocuSign: This feature eliminates the need for Anaplan users to log into Anaplan DocuSign integration to update Sent Document statuses to their Anaplan models. The automated status refresh will work at scheduled intervals and users will see statuses updated to Anaplan model at regular intervals. This is particularly useful in case the user who initiated the documents for e-signing is not available and other Anaplan model users need to see the updated statuses.

Check out Anapedia for more information



Targeted for July

Disclaimer: Please note: The information here is subject to change right up to release go-live time. This post is not a commitment to provide any features by a certain time frame and enhancements to the product may change before release. Subscribe here and check back frequently for the latest.


Cloudworks Integrations for PlanIQ: Drive forecast accuracy by easily incorporating even more internal and external data into forecast models. Allowing our users to directly pulling related data and attributes from AWS S3 and Azure Blob via Cloudworks into PlanIQ, surpassing the need to bring the data into Anaplan.


  • XLS Exports updates: We are making small changes to the way that XLS exports are processed in order to continue to support for this old file format and to maintain platform stability.


Upcoming scheduled maintenance:

  • July 16: Platform offline: Platform Enhancements

  • July 23: Platform offline: Infrastructure update

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