Direct Product Profitability for Retail

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The Direct Product Profitability model is something that every retailer should have in their toolkit. This tool is vital to assisting with the operational decision making process by giving you the ultimate insight into every single cost that goes into selling an individual product. Ultimately, a DPP model is designed to:
  • Improve sales and gross margin by making decisions on product purchase quantities, stock presentation in the store and pricing strategies
  • Reduce costs by making decisions on process (logistics, warehousing and delivery to stores) and product characteristics (package size, item size)


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July 31st, 2015
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  • Ability to review profit for each and every SKU by assigning direct costs to products using customizable driver data
  • Real time model which instantly updates the final profit values when driver data is updated
  • Collaborate with key business stakeholders so that they can contribute to the cost allocation process
  • Compare data by store to assess why the same SKU is more or less profitable from one store to another
  • Share data analysis with decision makers so that they can make the right business decisions based on data

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