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Lionpoint Group’s Real Estate Fund & Portfolio Performance Forecast model forecasts the future performance of your assets and portfolios in terms of standard real estate metrics - total return, capital growth, income return, rental value growth, occupancy rates etc.
The forecast is calculated from a set of lease-level cashflows, which can be calculated from your tenancy/rent roll data along with your assumptions (on inflation, rental value growth, downtime etc.) or picked up from Lionpoint Group’s Real Estate Budget & Forecast model.
All assumptions can be overridden at sector, property, unit or lease level, and can be flexed globally for the purpose of scenario modelling.
When integrated with the Real Estate Budget & Forecast model, this forecast produces a powerful, integrated view of your property portfolio, modelling how various factors affect your portfolio’s future capital growth, income return and total return.



Flexible Exit Valuations
  • Exit values can be calculated using DCF, equivalent/initial yield or manual methods
  • Opening values can be imported from all standard property systems, or entered manually per property
  • Exit point for investment performance calculations can be set to 3, 5 or 10 years across the portfolio. Specific property sales can also be modelled, using a fixed sale date with a specific sale price or yield per property
  • Yield shifts assumptions are set at sector level and overridden at property level if required
Wide Range of Performance Metrics
  • Exit values are combined with opening values and forecast cashflows to produce an IRR, which is further analysed into direct (capital) and indirect (income) elements. This gives a detailed forecast of Total Return, Capital Growth and Income Return
  • Detailed cashflow forecast supports occupancy/vacancy analysis (by ERV or floor area), headline-to-net ERV ratios and weighted lease length (to expiry or next break)
  • Other metrics include Gross Income Growth, Net Income Growth, ERV Growth and Yield Shift
  • Data can be imported from IPD/MSCI, PMA, NCREIF, ODCE, INREV etc. to provide benchmark or target for absolute benchmarking
  • Performance versus benchmark is calculated using absolute method (+/- bps) as well as standard IPD/MSCI “relative” method
  • Performance is benchmarked by sector and geography and over time, for all key metrics
Scenario Modelling & Impact Analysis
  • The impact of any change is instantly reflected in all metrics
  • Top-down (driver-based) and bottom-up (specific) modelling are supported
  • All performance metrics are sensitive to market and leasing assumptions. Any of these assumptions can be flexed to produce an instant “What If?” report, showing the effect of any change on your portfolio’s performance
Report by Region, Sector, Fund or Asset Manager
  • Reports roll up property level data to sector/segment, region/geography, fund, asset manager/sector head and portfolio
  • Drilldown is available through any hierarchy (geography, sector or asset management hierarchy) or through the chart of accounts
  • Rollup can take account of differing JV ownership percentages, or can combined all JVs at 100% for “house” reporting
Multi-Fund, Multi-Currency
  • Global reporting over multiple currencies and fund structures, with a choice of consolidation currency by region
Imports from Argus, Yardi, VTS & More
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc property upload dashboard enables the import of underlying data from a variety of source systems
  • VTS integration shows the impact of various prospective leases on bottom-line fund performance
  • The data can be reviewed and enriched through the upload page before being used in the Portfolio & Fund Performance Forecast model
  • The model will store the original source version of the data so that this can be tracked for reporting and auditing purposes, and a comparison report will show you changes you’ve made to the data
  • When integrated with Lionpoint Group’s Real Estate Budget & Forecast app, this model produces a powerful all-in-one cashflow and performance forecasting tool that gives a complete picture of your portfolio’s future


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