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The Satriun Group SAP FC connector to Anaplan APP allows you to easily import data collected in SAP Business Objects Financial Consolidation (BFC) (i.e. Actual), transfer it into Anaplan for modelling your latest Budget/Plan/Forecast estimates and optionally push the data back to your SAP BFC application for reporting. The connector speeds up your data transfers and ensures that you spend most of your time on modelling and analysing your data rather than transferring it between tools.


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April 18th, 2017
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General features
  • Spend time on planning, not on data integration
  • Add one of the best planning tools on top of one of the best consolidation tools
  • Bidirectional integration in case unified reporting is done in SAP
  • SatriunConnect is free, installs fast and with minimal consulting days
Connectivity to your SAP BFC application
  • Direct link, no need to do additional work through excel.
  • The SAP FC connector to Anaplan App is easy to navigate through and use.
Transfer needed SAP BFC data to Anaplan
  • Anaplan will recognize the structure and import the data.
  • Plan in Anaplan with confidence in your Actual data from SAP
Push modeled data from Anaplan back to SAP BFC
  • Just push the button and Anaplan will export your data directly into your SAP BFC application.


We implement Corporate Performance Management (“CPM”) solutions.


Being able to successfully implement a CPM solution is not just dependent on having the right understanding of information technology. It is also about the right understanding of financial management and the corporate centre’s needs when it comes to financial consolidation & reporting, budgeting & planning, disclosure management, and the organizational processes required to facilitate this. Furthermore, it is also about understanding the external regulators, their expectations, their regulatory roadmap and the implications for individual industries. Finally, it is also about the right understanding how to manage behavioural change within the corporation.


Satriun Group brings together the necessary expertise for Financial Management, Regulatory Support, CPM Solutions and Change Management, maximizing the success and value added of our customer’s CPM projects.




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