Restaurants Planning - FP&A & Workforce Optimization

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Utilize this app to help your Restaurants/Store(s) plan sales growth for the year, OpEx for the year, Cost of Sales for the year, and Optimize your workforce to plan around your high and low traffic times. In detail, you will be able to plan on how many employees you will need at each time of the day based on historical data and sales growth.


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March 28th, 2017
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ROI - Restaurants Planning

App Overview


Reporting - Current Year and Prior Year
  • You will be able to see a breakdown of your P&L from your top level to the lowest level. You can see breakdown your Sales, COS, and OpEx for current year and prior year.
Sales Planning
  • Top/Down and Bottom-up(Corporate Goal Setting, Regional Adjustments, and Individual Store Adjustments)
OpEx and Cost of Sales Planning
  • Top-down/ and Bottom-up(Corporate Goal Setting, Regional Adjustments, and Individual Store Adjustments)
Daily Sales Planning - GM
  • Monthly Sales Planning to be brought down to the day level to make smart scheduling decisions and reach monthly goals on sales.
Driver-based Planning
  • efficiently plan number of employees needed by time of day(Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Late Night) from using historical data.
Store Planning: Projection Efficiency
  • Start checking the efficiency numbers of the uploaded data of previous weeks based on the prebuilt dashboards. Estimate how well the predictor is estimating the number of transactions based on historical data. Synchronizing paging is turned off currently so that you can see previous data and make real-time predictions for 2. and 3. based on Projection Efficiency Chart.
Store Planning: Store Planning: Transaction Prediction Amount - Override
  • Override currently predicted numbers. If you believe that the prediction numbers are wrong for a specific day, you can adjust them. This is for both numbers of transactions and number of employees needed. If you update the number of transactions, it will auto update the number of employees needed based on the numbers inputted in the employee planning table.

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