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Defining a successful forecast is elusive and understanding forecast error is never straightforward. The Forecast Accuracy App identifies trends in forecast accuracy so that corrections can be made at the appropriate levels. Forecasts can be broken down at the product line level, then the item level, and again by customer or any other important factor included in the business. Effects of outliers and upper or lower biases clarify whether error is from a few instances or systematic.



Product Line Prioritization
  • Manage list of critical product lines by selecting accuracy metric to sort by
  • Run analysis based on units or adjusted by costs
  • Compare each product line’s overall size before drilling down into forecast error
Forecast Bias Detection with Trigg’s Tracking Signal
  • Upper and lower bias identified automatically with Trigg’s Tracking Signal methodology
  • Customize confidence interval for each analysis and see instantly updated signal
  • Decide how much past weeks should be factored in by adjusting the smoothing constant
  • Sort through list of flagged SKUs with the highest levels of bias
Outlier Analysis
  • Modify criteria for what to consider an outlier for each SKU
  • Review outlying weeks numerically and graphically
  • Identify trends by grouping outliers into their causes so forecast methods can be improved
Customer-Level Accuracy Analysis
  • Break down absolute error and relative error by customer
  • Find trends in customer accuracy by adding causes to outliers
  • Review and edit each customer's 30-day, 60-day and 90-day lag forecast
Set Parameters before Each Analysis
  • Decide on a timeframe, forecast lag, and cost-adjustment before digging into each round of analyses
  • See the effects of editing the parameters in real time and on every dashboard
PowerPoint Template Refreshed with Anaplan Add-In
  • Deploy pre-made PowerPoint slides to communicate insights found within the app
  • Communicate additional insights by editing template and adding new data connections
  • Update data on the slides within seconds using Anaplan Add-In


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