Looking for Sourcing and Procurement Use Case Ideas

Hello Anaplan Supply Chain Group -


Anaplan is starting to help more and more companies with their Sourcing and Procurement Planning activities. This relates to purchasing decisions that happen downstream from traditional Supply Chain S&OP, Demand and Supply Planning workflows. Below are some example use cases we are starting to see across industries.


> Question for the Group:

> Are there any Procurement workflows or use cases you feel are well suited to be managed in Anaplan?


Any and all feedback welcome!


Many thanks, Bryan Baum | Anaplan | Director, Procurement Solutions




Sample Sourcing and Procurement Solutions


Supplier Spend Analysis

Categorization and analysis of Supplier Spend data as part of tracking FP&A (Capex and Opex) across vendor expenditures related to Operations, Raw Materials, IT, Travel, Facilities, etc. Spend Analysis is critical for Customers to: plan future budgets, identify non-compliance purchases, track plan vs actuals, identify cost savings opportunities and prepare for sourcing/negotiations with suppliers, and other business activities.

Supplier Collaboration

Using Anaplan for global Supplier Collaboration, includes Supply Plan Review, Supplier Collaboration for Pricing, Procurement Planning, and Supplier Performance Management, etc

Request for Quote (RFQ) for Direct Materials

Focus on the management of Quotation, Supplier Allocation and Procurement Planning for Companies that Manufacture or manage Direct Materials. Includes RFQ, Bill of Material (BOM) Costing, Supply Plan Review and Approval, and other Direct Procurement use cases.


Contingent (Contractor) Workforce Planner

How Procurement departments managed spend for non-Employee labor such as Consultant, Contractor and other contingent workers.

Procurement Savings Tracker

Model showing how Procurement Departments can leverage Anaplan to plan and track their annual Savings Targets.

Project Procurement Planner

Model for how Anaplan can help plan and track Procurement activities for large Capital Projects

Procurement Commodity Pricing Analysis

Model for management of Commodity and other Supplier Pricing using Anaplan 

Procurement Rebate Planning & Governance

Model for tracking and monitoring rebates paid by Suppliers to the Customer, managed by Procurement.

Inventory Procurement and Cost Optimization

Model for tracking the quantity and cost (including carrying costs) for Customer and Vendor Management Inventory (VMI).

Commodity Procurement Operations Planning

Leveraging Anaplan to track and manage the monthly/weekly/daily purchasing planning and supplier allocations that happen prior to creating purchase orders.


Cloud Spend Management

Leveraging Anaplan to Understanding current costs and managing spend from Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and Google GCP.