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CIM allows administrators to easily view, manage, and provision users from a centralized location. Read Full Article
Connect or Python Summary As a supply chain Anaplan data integration modeler, you might be asked by your business partner to display actuals for elapsed periods and forecasts for unelapsed periods. I...  Read Full Article
We're excited to have launched some great new features this month, including a new Slack integration, new ways to collaborate via tagging, and the ability to order lists by time. Read Full Article
As you are embarking on the UX journey, you may ask yourself: When should I use a Board? When should I use a Worksheet? This article is here to help you make the best decision. High-Level View Board:...  Read Full Article
In Part 4 of the series, find an example of how to use CloudWorks APIs in a practical situation.  Read Full Article
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As Black History Month comes to a close, we turn to Anaplan’s newly appointed Senior Vice President of Connected Planning Victor Barnes for insight on diversity in the tech industry. Read Full Article
Have you heard about unmoderated testing? More flexible and on-demand, it enables you to give feedback to Anaplan about design prototypes. Some Anaplanners have already tried it out and loved it! Read Full Article
Perhaps no industry has experienced the ups and downs of the pandemic as much as higher education. But, even in this environment, there is a way that colleges and universities can be more agile. Read Full Article
Achieving an organization’s long-term financial targets with a healthy, diverse, and empowered workforce ensures sustained value for the organization. Read Full Article
Organizations around the world are united in finding ways to meet evolving business challenges, and many have turned to scenario planning as a new tool in their FP&A arsenal. Read Full Article
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