Not able to run Anaplan Command through Talend Server (But the command is running fine through Local


I executed the below command through talend remote server

java -classpath /home/talend/properties/eur_finance_bi/anaplan/anaplan-connect-1.4.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.anaplan.client.Program -k /home/talend/properties/eur_finance_bi/anaplan/<jks file path>.jks -ka <keystore> -kp <keystore password> -workspace <workspace id> -model <model id> -service -auth -import "L.05_vw_dim_prod_skey from vw_dim_prod_skey" -execute




The same command when I run through local server it is running fine

java -classpath E:/Neha_Nayal/Anaplan/anaplan-connect-1.4.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar com.anaplan.client.Program -k E:/Neha_Nayal/Anaplan/<jks file path>.jks -ka <keystore> -kp <keystore password> -workspace <workspace id> -model <model id> -service -auth -import "L.05 PROD_module from vw_dim_prod_skey" -execute



Iam not sure what additional thing i need to write to run this command through remote server too.