Known Issues and Workarounds

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At Anaplan, our goal is to serve our users with transparency. We are always hard at work improving the platform, but we are aware of occasional issues. This is a list of known issues, as well as any known workarounds for them that may assist users until we can implement official fixes for them.

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please contact



You can filter posted Known Issues and Workarounds using the statuses below.

Known Issue: Identifies a known issue for which there is not yet a workaround or a fix.

Workaround: Identifies a known issue for which a workaround is provided.

No Fix: Identifies a known issue that was never addressed with a fix, but which is no longer affecting users due to a subsequent release or some other change.

Fixed: Identifies a known issue that has been fixed in a platform update. You can view previously fixed issues here