Master Anaplanner Maintenance Requirements for Year 2021

In 2020, Certified Master Anaplanners demonstrated tenacity, compassion, and leadership by quickly getting up to speed on Anaplan’s newest technical trainings and giving their knowledge back to the ecosystem in turn. They responded to the unique circumstances of the year by jumping in to help their global community with Anaplan Helps, sharing their stories through authorship and public speaking, training new talent in the ecosystem, inspiring others with their use of the UX, and much more. Each person who carries a 2021 Master Anaplanner Certificate does so as proof of this accomplishment.

All certificates expire January 1st, 2022, and a new set of maintenance requirements must be complete before that date in order to become a 2022 Certified Master Anaplanner. This year the recertification maintenance requirements will have the same spirit of what we did last year, acting as a shared measure of technical certifications and ecosystem contributions.

There are two things a Certified Master Anaplanner needs to do to maintain their certification: keep their technical certifications current and make an impactful contribution toward a more enabled ecosystem.

Technical Requirements

Be a 2022 Certified Solution Architect (for reference, see the 2021 requirements).


Contribution Requirements

Collect 400* contribution points for qualifying activities.

Qualifying activities are determined by the Master Anaplanner Program. To qualify, a contribution will develop a customer’s connected planning landscape, directly enable emerging talent, amplify Anaplan’s brand, or contribute to the documented enablement record.

We’ll be using the same points system as last year, ranking each item based on impact and amount of effort.

More details for Certified Master Anaplanners are available in the Master Anaplanner User Group and will continue to come out throughout the year.


*Pro-rated based on qualification date


Hi @Ameneh ,

I might have missed this...are Contribution Points going to be tracked in the 1.2 Contribution Management Page of the Master Anaplanner Home model for 2021?  I noticed it has been offline for a few days, so was not sure if the tracking had been moved for 2021.  Thanks, JZ

Any update on this?  The App to tell us how to get Points remains down

I join. It's already the end of summer and I would like more information about the extension. I recently passed an exam and was not given access to the MA model.

Same comment as @Russell . The Recertification Reporting app/Master Anaplanner Home model are offline, so there is no way to track our progress toward the 2021 targets.


@Ameneh Any updates on this?

This may be a topic for @Beauram or @ChrisWeiss, as Ameneh is not working for Anaplan anymore (at least temporarily?)

I'm interested in this as well...



How are we supposed to track our contributions for 2022?

Could you share the Master Anaplanner Maintenance Requirements for Year 2022 and how current MAs can verify their status? This would be helpful so MAs can plan for any actions needed within the next 3 months.

I am still missing the model for tracking as well.

@ChrisWeiss @Beauram Are there any updates on this? Only three months left in the year with no way to track our progress. Also, the maintenance requirements for this year do not include the lesser-point-value options that we had last year, such as adding/replying to a community post or adding something to the idea exchange.

With the limited options available in the link below, it's going to be incredibly difficult for all of the current MAs to retain their status going into 2022 given the few opportunities that exist for speaking engagements, training and blog posting. 

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