Is there a way to find the context selector parameter for a page


Question for the tech savy.


E.g. The link below is the default URL for the page 



Now when you send an automated notification from Anaplan for a page, the link includes the default URL above (in orange)  followed by values which I'm assuming is for the context selectors (in blue) 



Is there a way to calculate the items in blue above


Background: The client plans to send out emails via external scripts. Use Anaplan Connect extract who to send emails to and what page (with specific context selectors) then run an email send script but for it to be useful the email needs to include the page with the specific context selector parameters


  • @TristanS 


    I believe there is way to find a dimension Name and Code with the help of Anaplan Transactional APIs. See if this helps




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  • @Misbah thanks for the info. Have a read through the documentation. Next step is to try it out the APIs and see the results

  • The context guid is calculated and generated via Anaplan code, so there is unfortunately no way for you to recalculate it on your own.


    Some ideas for workarounds:

    • If the number of possible contexts is small, you might be able to simulate what you want by using the Share Page functionality and Copy Link to manually store each individual context. This approach isn't really scalable, hence why I'd only consider using it for a small and stable set of contexts.
    • If it makes sense with the business process, consider having the users send notifications through the UI leveraging a notification action with dynamic recipients.
    • Use selective access or User Filters to restrict what individual users can see in the context, such that they only have access to their own context items. This will ensure they are only looking at a specific context when they access that page.