Limiting user edit access to column in a module?

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I am trying to create a DCA to control access to editing 2 columns in a module by specific user. The modules are accessible by 2 roles (Planners & Category Managers). Currently both roles have write access to the module. However I want to restrict the Category Managers to be able to edit only 2 columns in the module.(L2 Taxonomy & L3 Taxonomy. Both column are list formated) .Any idea how to go about it?

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  • LimPhingHua
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    I couldnt use LIS to create a DCA module since the line items are list formated


  • @LimPhingHua

    1. Create 2 more line items in this module - DCA Read & DCA Write
    2. Add users dimension apart from other base dimensions for these 2 line items
    3. You should have a mapping module where users are mapped to roles
    4. Create a logic in these line items that if user has Category manager role then true else false
    5. Finally, use these 2 line items as dca for L2 & L3 Taxonomy line items