Certified Master Anaplanner

Certified Master Anaplanners are experts in thought leadership, technical expertise, mentorship, and Connected Planning evangelism. Certified Master Anaplanners unlocked membership in the program after achieving the highest technical certification level in our ecosystem and proving their expertise by passing a certification exam.

This exclusive community wears many hats and drives immense impact to the Anaplan ecosystem through the many ways they share their knowledge and expertise across their organizations, networks, and with others within the Anaplan community. They act as advisors, mentors, strategic implementors, developers of best practices, change-makers, and so much more.

Certified Master Anaplanners are the top 1% of our ecosystem! As thought-leaders who evangelize the platform, they tenaciously lead transformation in businesses, innovatively find the best solutions for collaboration and scalability, all while driving more efficient and accurate Connected Planning solutions. With Anaplan at the core, they aren’t afraid to take on complex challenges to develop and make your Honeycomb™️ a reality.

Pictured: Asslam Umar Ali (2022 Certified Master Anaplanner of the Year), right, with Erin Siemens, SVP Chief Customer Officer Anaplan at Anaplan Live! 2022.

Certified Master Anaplanners

Experts in Anaplan thought leadership, technical expertise, and Connected Planning evangelism.

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