Certified Master Anplanner Engagement Zones

As leaders in the Anaplan Ecosystem and community advocates, you'll find Certified Master Anaplanners promoting best practices and sharing insight, solutions, and their impact. In the Anaplan Community, they wear the Certified Master Anaplanner trophy with pride. You’ll find them presenting at events like Anaplan Live!,leading discussions in Groups, providing thought-leadership and solutions in the Community, and mentoring new talent in the Anaplan Ecosystem through Academy trainings.

Certified Master Anaplanners are expected to keep up-to-date with their training and contributions in the Community annually to maintain their certification. Anaplan rewards, our Certified Master Anaplanners for the ways they share back to the Anaplan Ecosystem. For example, Certified Master Anaplanners join an exclusive network of like-minded experts in the private Certified Master Anaplanner user group, and regularly receive public recognition and exclusive opportunities. The Certified Master Anaplanner Program will continue to evolve and support a strong and thriving ecosystem of model builders and Anaplan champions.

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