All About Talent Builder Guided

Talent Builder Guided is here to guide you on your journey to becoming an Anaplan Certified Model Builder


You’ll join a learning program group for an 8-week journey during which you’ll complete:

While taking these courses, you’ll belong to a Community Group where you can talk to other learners in our forum, ask questions of the experts, read tips and tricks on many of the topics covered in the training, and network with learners and Anaplanners.


Each week, you’ll have dedicated time with Anaplan model builders to ask questions about the learning you’ve done that week, troubleshoot if something has gone wrong, and talk about what to expect in upcoming lessons.


Your Talent Builder Program Manager will check in along the way to make sure you’re successful.


Certification Coursework:

Level 1 Model Building (25-35 hours)

  • Finance Use Case
  • Foundational Anaplan concepts
  • Basic model design and building
  • Hands-on practice with business requirements, user stories, dimensions, modules, data imports, formulas, UX and security

The Anaplan Way (12 hours)

  • 4 Cornerstones of successful implementation
  • 5 Implementation phases
  • Hands-on Practice with manifestos, user stories, managing buckets, testing approaches and deployment plans

Level 2 Model Building (30-50 hours)

  • Supply Chain Use Case
  • Design and build data hub and supply chain model
  • Connect models for a true, Connected Planning use case
  • Practice advanced model building skills including troubleshooting and complex formulas



Keys to success:

  1. The three courses will take a total 70 – 100 hours to complete, depending on prior experience
  2. Dedicate sufficient blocks of time to fully focus on the training
  3. Keep moving through the content as assigned, stay on track – it will get progressively harder
  4. Complete all online learning content and all model build activities – both pieces are needed to pass quizzes and exams
  5. Each learner is expected to successfully complete training individually
  6. Network with cohort participants and the larger Anaplan Community online
  7. Get familiar with Anapedia, the Planual and other Community resources – you will need it to troubleshoot model building issues



Talent Builder Guided FAQs

What courses will I complete?
  • There are 3 courses required to become a Certified Model Builder: Level 1 Model Building, The Anaplan Way, and Level 2 Model Building. We’ll complete all 3 during our 8-week program. You can read more about these courses and specific topics here.
What jobs can I get as a Certified Model Builder?
  • Financial Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Model Builder
  • Anaplan COE
  • Data Analyst
  • Consultant/ Anaplan Consultant
  • Solution Architect
  • Business Ops Analyst
  • Customer Care/Support
  • Chief Planning Officer
  • Yes! Our on-demand training can be done completely independently through our Talent Builder program. You can sign up for 90 days of access to the platform here.
  • Anaplan was built to be something anyone can learn, so there are no prerequisites in terms of experience or education. All are welcome!
  • That being said, there are skills that certainly make the training easier and faster. Some of these are
    • Advanced/proficient Excel skills (our platform uses similar logic for formulas and functions)
    • Background in business, especially business planning, financial planning, supply chain (our courses cover finance and supply chain use cases, so you’ll be a little more comfortable with the use cases)
    • Experience with other planning applications or platforms 
  • Who is eligible for the Talent Builder program?
    • We accept all interested learners.
  • How many hours/week can I expect to spend on training?
    • This depends largely on your experience and how quickly you learn, but typically we see learners spending 6-8 hours/week on Level 1, about 11 hours total for The Anaplan Way, and 8-10 hours/week on Level 2.
  • Are meetings mandatory?
    • No. We suggest you attend as many office hours sessions as you can.
    • Our goal is to help you be successful, and we understand that everyone’s schedules are complicated and full. We offer support between meetings in our forums, provide helpful articles and tips and can work with you if your availability changes during the program.
  • What if I miss a deadline?
    • We provide soft deadlines for our learners. Soft deadlines lay out the lessons we recommend you do each week in order to finish the program on time. We know learners who stick close to this schedule are successful model builders. But we’re also not going to be too concerned if you’re behind on soft deadlines from time to time.
  • Will Anaplan hire me or place me with another company?
    • We cannot guarantee a role with Anaplan or another company in our ecosystem, but our goal is always to help you Elevate your career! To accomplish that goal, our team will do everything we can to connect you to opportunities with Anaplan, our customers and our partners.
    • A quick search on Indeed yields HUNDREDS of jobs asking for Anaplan skills, and the demand continues to grow. We want you to come join our community of Anaplan model builders and we want to help you do that!
  • Is this open to people in all countries or just the US? Are there jobs in other countries?
    • Talent Builder is GLOBAL. We have learners from countries in every region. Anaplan is also global! So, while we can’t promise you’ll get your dream job in India, France, Singapore, Australia, or wherever you live, we will go out of our way to help you make connections no matter where you’re joining from!
    • Anaplan’s platform is designed to be used by all kinds of businesses across every function, so the list of possibly job titles is nearly endless! But here are some t you might look out for