The Myers Briggs Type Indicators and Anaplan Roles


Hello Retail Anaplan Group!! Which of these 10 personality types and Anaplan Role is most congruent to your own? Do these Anaplan roles have a stereotypical personality type? +5 Kudos if you can figure out which one is @JaredDolich MBTI.


INTJ | Solution Architect

“There’s a 95.3% probability I’ll learn something new at the Anaplan Retail Group and a 92.7% probability I’ll meet someone like me that really understands the Directed Acyclic Graph, the DAG. You know, Anaplan’s calculation engine? Yeah, that DAG.”

ENTP | Anaplan Group Leader

“Do you have a thirst for knowledge? You know, the type of knowledge that will help you implement that retail Anaplan solution the right way, every time? So, then, let me play devil’s advocate. Why wouldn’t you join the Anaplan Retail Group?”

INTP | Master Anaplanner

“Why should ‘I’ join the Anaplan Retail Group? Oh wait a minute.. hey.. hey.. is this question going to be on the certification exam?”

ESFP | Community Boss

“Joining the Anaplan Retail Group is like being invited to a party. I’ll make sure everyone has a great time. As I always like to say, come for the entertainment and leave with a bundle of retail know-how!”

INFP | Certified Model Builder

“The Anaplan Retail Group is the right place to be. It speaks to me somehow. I don’t know how I know this but it just feels right, and, well, I hope you’ll consider joining. And, if you don’t, well then it probably means you don’t like me.”

ESTJ | Anaplan Customer

“Number 1. It’s good for business. Number 2. It drives revenue, and Number 3. It drives results. This is the way it’s always worked, and it will work in this case. Join the retail group, now.”

ESFJ| Anaplan Account Executive

“We need to respect the leadership and wisdom found in the Anaplan culture by joining the Anaplan Retail Group. The positive energy felt by one will be felt by us all.”

INFJ | Anaplan Business Partner

“The Anaplan Retail Group is the ideal place to learn, meet others, and get your retail game on. I’ll make sure you’ve got a partner to guide you. I’ve got your back.”

ISTJ | Anaplan Partner, Gold Level

“My reputation is everything which is why I joined the Anaplan Retail Group. Their facts are double checked, they use only the best of the best practices, and they leave no detail unturned. If it means I have to walk 10 miles every day to join then that’s what I’ll do."

ENFJ | Anaplan Partner,  Global Level

“Follow me to the Anaplan Retail Group. Your decision extends outward and affects everyone. Your intentions can show us what’s in your heart or it can communicate indecision. Your words can cultivate love or dirty the floor in despair. Your presence can bring joy. Your contributions can inspire innovation. Your every act can bring retail practitioners together."


  • I'll have to take the Myers Briggs test to see if I truly fall into the indicator associated to the Anaplan Business Partner role 😁

    But, I'd have to initially agree with the INFJ type! The Anaplan Retail Group is a great way to stay social while learning at the same time. 

  • @JaredDolich I would guess you to be ENTP!

  • @Tricia 

    Oh! So close, so close! The "E" stands for extroversion and I'm definitely not that! Hint: I have the shadow (exact opposite) MBTI of the most successful MBTI in business.

  • @JaredDolich 


    I will not tell you again how brilliant and creative you are... enough already 😀
    But this post takes the cake.


    I'm really curious to see how this creativity manifests itself in your models.

    My type is one of the 6 you ignored, so I don't know now if I qualify to join the meeting.🤔  

    Keep up the good spirit.