Idea Exchange Guidelines, Terminology, and Evaluation Criteria


Before submitting a new idea, start your journey by searching the Idea Exchange—it may save you time! You may come across a similar idea that’s already active in the Idea Exchange with an up-to-date Status, multiple kudos, and maybe even some recent comments. Duplicate ideas will be frozen, and the author and all other viewers will be directed to the original idea posting. If your idea has already been posted, you should encourage the idea by using the tips in the Participating in the Idea Exchange article.

If you determine that your idea has not yet been posted, click the Suggest an idea button within the Idea Exchange to draft your new idea.



Documenting your idea is simple, using the New Idea form:


As a best practice, try to write your idea or suggestion in the following format:

  • Title: Make this short and concise. Try to use a few words here instead of a full sentence.
  • Description: This should summarize your idea by using the following sentence: As a [type of user], I want to [have/do something], so that [I receive this benefit].
    • Example: “As an author of a new idea, I want to have multiple text color options so that I may highlight specific areas of my idea to better separate them from others.”
  • Example of Enhancement: This should provide suggested solutions or acceptance criteria for your idea using the following sentence: I’ll know this is successful when [specific criteria is met].
    • Example: “I’ll know this is successful when I am able to change the color of text to something other than the default black when authoring a new idea.”
  • Benefit / Impact: This should highlight the expected benefit(s) to your business process or user experience if this idea is incorporated. Describe how you are doing things today and the challenges you are facing.

Additional items you may want to include in your idea are:

  • A suggested timeframe, deadline, or overall priority level.
  • Additional context that better establishes your idea.
  • Screenshots, images, short videos, flow charts, and other visual aids.
  • External examples of this same idea, such as a feature you’ve used elsewhere.

Don’t forget your labels!

Labels can be used to categorize your idea.  You can choose one or multiple labels to use within your idea.  This helps other Anaplan users discover and search for your idea.  Not sure which labels to use?  Have no fear! Choose the label(s) that you think best fit your idea, and the Anaplan team will add additional labels as necessary as we review your idea.


Once new ideas have been submitted to the Idea Exchange, they’ll go through a series of Statuses, which are used to indicate what is happening to the new idea:

  • New: This idea has recently been added to the Idea Exchange and has not yet been addressed by the Anaplan team. Promote ideas in this status by giving them kudos, and even commenting on ideas that you’re passionate about.
  • Needs Community Support: This status indicates that a member of the Anaplan Community team has performed an initial review of this idea, that it meets the Community guidelines, and that it is a fully structured idea. Once the idea hits the minimum threshold of 17 kudos, we’ll review to determine alignment with our road map and provide an official response with one of the statuses listed below. If an Idea does not hit this point threshold, our team may still respond on an ad-hoc basis.

    Please note that this threshold is to help us manage expectations on response time and does not necessarily determine how we prioritize our road map. We may deliver ideas of all kudos values; however, we only guarantee updates on ideas that have the most support from our community.

  • Needs Info: This is used to identify ideas that may need a further explanation for the Community and Anaplan team to better understand what is being suggested. Look for a follow-up in the idea’s comments if this status is present, and be sure to respond if it’s your idea!
  • Under Investigation: The Anaplan team is reviewing the idea and determining how this will fit into the future of Anaplan and the Anaplan platform. We can't provide a timeline, but be sure to check back often and subscribe to receive status and comment updates.
  • Considered for Future Roadmap: Good idea! The idea is under consideration to be part of our long-term roadmap. No development has started, so we cannot provide a timeline for release, but please subscribe to receive updates as we progress.

    Please note: Roadmap plans are always subject to change. Customers should make their purchase decisions on features that are already available.

  • On Roadmap:

    Good news! This idea is now on our short-term roadmap. Be sure to check back often and subscribe to receive status and comment updates as we start developing it.

    Please note: Roadmap plans are always subject to change. Customers should make their purchase decisions on features that are already available.

  • Delivered: We did it! Your idea has become reality and has recently been delivered. Most commonly, delivered ideas will be highlighted in a platform release, but be sure to check the idea comments for a final announcement from the Anaplan team about the idea’s release.

  • Not Planned: Unfortunately, the idea does not fit the current Anaplan roadmap. This may happen for a variety of reasons. The Anaplan team will do their best to inform you and the rest of the Community in the idea's comments as to why it was declined. Thanks again for posting, and be sure to stay active in the Idea Exchange to promote other users' ideas.

Evaluation Criteria

Anaplan regularly evaluates and prioritizes ideas to incorporate into the product development roadmap, but we are unable to make any comitments as to if, or when, an idea will be developed. We evaluate ideas based on the following criteria and do our best to provide feedback. You may receive feedback on your submission from our Product Management team in the form of status changes and follow up comments.


Submission Criteria


1. Reach of Impact

How many customers would benefit?

How often would they use the suggested feature?

2. Roadmap Fit

Does this fit strategically within our current product/service offerings?

3. Community feedback

Is this idea getting noticed (via recent votes/comments/kudos)?

Does the idea have many kudos?

4. Feasibility

How long will it take to implement the idea?

Is there a workaround available today?

5. Quality of submission

Is the submission well written and easy to understand?

Does it contain no more than one idea?

6. Uniqueness

Is this a new idea or something that has been submitted already?

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