SUM and LOOKUP for Retail

Hi Retail Team!

Here's a handy cheat sheet for how to use SUM and LOOKUP using a retail use-case. I provide the use case and then implement it in Anaplan. I also use D.I.S.C.O using system modules so you get the best practice.

Use Case 1 - Lookup

User Story: SVP of Store Operations wants to provide top down guidance to the district managers on what her expectations are of the comp store's growth for next year. You will need to set each store’s growth initially to her target percentage.


How does this look in Anaplan?



Use Case 2 - Sum

User Story: As the merchandise analyst, the factory you committed to buying 10,000 Sweaters now needs the size breakout. To start your analysis, you will sum product sales by size.


How does this look in Anaplan?


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