Start Your Anaplan Journey

Our customer on-boarding experience will serve to guide you on your Anaplan journey.

To travel a new path—whether you’re going across town or around the world—you want the easiest and most efficient route, created by an expert guide with extensive experience. Just like a smartphone helps you navigate an ideal route, our Customer Onboarding Experience will serve to guide you on your Anaplan journey.

Choose Your Role

Executive Sponsor

You played a key role in the strategic decision to look for a new planning solution, garner budget, and select the Anaplan platform. Now you will help guide the team on transformation planning and rollout.

Business Owner

You selected Anaplan to address a specific planning pain-point or imperative. Now you are leading your Anaplan implementation to deliver on key milestones. Later you will be responsible for rolling out new processes and driving user adoption.

Model Builder

Your job is to unlock the power of the Anaplan platform. You will design and build your Anaplan models, prepare the data to serve your end users, and deliver a fantastic user experience that drives Anaplan adoption.

Anaplan User

You may not have been deeply involved with implementing Anaplan, but you are a contributor who will be leveraging the platform frequently for your business planning needs