Unleash the Power of Find Feature on New UX


If you are an avid user of New UX you would have probably noticed it by now that there are many search functionalities (seen as magnifying glass icon) on a page be it Board or Worksheet. There are similar features on the Home page as well which searches thru all the models, apps and pages. However this article covers only the search feature on pages. Let’s try to understand each of these with one use case.


Option 1:

You can see this feature on top left corner of the Worksheet page & every grid card of the Board Page. This feature allows you to search thru the entire grid of the page. Remember this feature works on one grid and not the entire page. If you have secondary grid on the worksheet or multiple grids on the Board you will see those have their own magnifying glass on top of it.








Here are some of items that can be searched:

  1. Line items in the grid
  2. Any items of the module dimensions. It can be list and/or Time, Versions as well. You can search with the Code as well as the Name of the list item
  3. Parents of any items of the dimensions. You can search with the Code as well as the Name of the list item.

What you can NOT do with this search is to find what’s within the grid or module (Numbers, Texts etc.)


Option 2:



This feature allows you to search thru the the context selectors. If it is a dimension then its items and all of its parents can be searched but only with the Name. You can NOT search here with Codes. This can be found on both Worksheets as well as on Boards.


Now let’s talk about the use case

Problem Statement: There was a two level Product Hierarchy (Product-> Quote) and Customer was an attribute of Products. The client had asked us for the feature that would allow them to search with the attribute of the list (Customer) in a hierarchy.

Solution: It could have been done via filter but that would mean additional selection from the user on top of the hierarchy selection which was not good for End User Experience. Here we unleashed the power of Find Feature of Worksheet. Before we could use it  we made a small change and that was we suffixed the Product code & Quote code with the Customer (concatenation of the Product code with the Customer & concatenation of Quote code with the Customer). Now when the client searches with the Customer he gets all the Products and Quotes associated with the Customer. And all this in just one click without going into context selectors for selection