Connected Planning with Anaplan on Anaplan - User Group Wrap Up


Thank you to all who attended our first of many Southern California User Groups.  What a great topic and thank you to Pierre and **** for their great presentation.

It was great to see everyone again we loved the questions, interactions, comments.  Keep it up!  Thank you.  

I will be posting the recorded meeting shortly so please stay tuned for that.  Also, please keep checking back as Pierre and team may soon be able to share with Community the CoE documentation and resources we discussed.  

If there are any additional requests, please post here, reach out.  


Lastly, if you have the time, we would love feedback on how you felt about this event, what you would like to see for our upcoming events.


Again, thank you to all who make the Community such a successful Community.    "Jack, Chrissy, and Janet".....