New Modelling Experience


Had this switched on over the weekend (accessible via Models tab in UX)... what do you think of it?

There's a couple of quite nice things I've noticed:

1. being able to open up any model via the bread-crumbs

2. the formula now being better to read via the toggle to the bottom of the screen

as well as just being a whole lot cleaner!


  • james_lo

    Thanks @andrewtye, I haven't noticed this until you pointed it out.


    I'm still trying it out, but the change that will save the most time is not needing to go to the settings tabs to access modules, actions etc., as well as ability to go directly to other models.


    In regards to the formula toggle, you can't change the formula you wish to review or change without closing the one you've opened first; clicking another line item means adding that line item to the formula of the line item you're currently on.  Not sure it is what I'd like...

  • Normally I wouldn't have spotted it but I "knew" that it was coming soon and just happened upon it.

    That is pretty annoying for sure - worth feeding back via the appropriate channels me thinks.

    Which clearly I will if only Survey Monkey wasn't blocked. Gah!

  • I didn't realize this was released soon either but having tried it out I'm already hooked on CTRL+SHIFT+F. 

  • james_lo

    Oh my! That may be the game changer!