April 2021 Release


Here is the list of feature that were released during April 2021.

“Ignore Unmapped” Button for Imports:





Working with User List: It is now possible to work with User List and perform calculations. New calculation functions include SUM & all other aggregation functions like TEXTLIST, FIRSTNONBLANK, LASTNONBLANK, ANY, ALL, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX. You can also use LOOKUP, CUMULATE, ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE and RANK with Users List

SUM Example:





Update Current Period” Action: New Action has been added to the Action section taking the tally to 11 different Actions. With this action you will be able to update Current Period on the Main Time Page of the model. Here is what you need to do to set up this Action



New Order of Columns in Module Blueprint: More Intuitive with your needs with Format being the first column followed by Formula, Summary, Applies etc.



New APIs for ALM:  These APIs reduce manual effort, increases flexibility & allow for greater integration with source systems. With these APIs you can

  1. Change a model’s online status - Use this endpoint to change the model’s status between online and offline
  2. Create a model sync task - Use this endpoint to set up and execute a model synchronization task (model sync task)
  3. Retrieve latest revision - Use this endpoint to retrieve the target revision ID needed for your model sync tasks
  4. Retrieve compatible source model revisions - Use this endpoint to retrieve and select the source revision ID needed for your model sync task
  5. Retrieve model sync task info - Use this endpoint to check the progress status of your model sync


Also none of these features which were targeted for April 2021 have been delivered. I will update this thread if I see any discrepancy.