May 18th Power Series Recap | Recording Link | Presentation

lily paws asks a question and jared responds enthusiastically copy.pngHello Retail Enthusiasts!!

Thank you all so much for attending the May 18th Power Series event where we showcased the retailer Bark Box, a dog lovers' subscription ecommerce sales channel. The use case we shared:
- barkdown paw-lanning (Markdowns / Discount Planning)
- efficient frontier between getting out of inventory quickly and optimizing margin
- how to look up discount percentages, price rounding, price endings, and sell thrus
- Presentation
- Link to the video recording (BEST PART is at 28:00)



Screenshots from the event



  • Thank you @JaredDolich  for great presentation today. It was nice to see how you created various price tiers with different markdown driver levels to implement the discount strategy. Also this can be easily visualized using new UX by the merchants who can get a drill down of how markdown price was deduced. Amazing!

  • @jairamkamath Woo Hoo! Thanks for that feedback Jairam. That's about the best news I could get today. Super glad you enjoyed that - stay tuned. We have a Power Series every month. Since June is Anaplan Live! we'll be moving our June Power Series to the end of the month which will serve as both June and July. July we have our 2nd Quarter Retail Group meeting. Hopefully, this time we'll get some retailers to share their Anaplan journey. Working on it!

    Be well!