Retail Trends


Just finished listening to HBR retail trends. Thank you @wes.kapsa for the recommendation. Summary below. What trends are you seeing? Share them in the comments section!

  • Social Commerce Platforms will eventually make it to the West (popular in China right now)
  • Product Creation - you voice matters! You can help to develop the next product version
  • Product Curation - having someone you trust to recommend products for you
  • Entertainment and Gamification are here to stay
  • Supply chain issues persist - limited supply
  • Anchor Stores in Malls - Simon and Brooks are buying up the dead brands (Forever 21, JC Penney, Brooks Brothers, Lucky). They buy the brands so the other stores can't cancel their lease
  • RFID - prices are way down and real time inventory is a huge win. Lululemon is an example.
  • Dead Stock - scraps from apparel are now being sold
  • Dark Stores - BOPIS stores only are here to stay.