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PlanIQ Error and Warning messages

Users may encounter error and warning messages in PlanIQ. This article includes descriptions of the error and warning messages and details how to address them.

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  • How does PlanIQ use related data / drivers? For example, fuel price or temperatue is added in the model for each Item ID, how can I see from the output how significant a specific driver is to the forecasted value so that I can perform what-if analyses? i.e. change the value of the driver and see the effect in the forecast value for a specific Item ID?



  • @achroni - several algorithms are able to leverage related data, Prophet, CNN-QR, DeepAR and of course AutoML algorithms (if any of the previous algorithms is chosen). It is still not possible to view the individual contribution of every item yet, but will be a possibility in future.

    The way to perform what if analysis would be to modify the values of related data "in future" and then run additional prediction. You should be able to run several experiments and snapshot the results and should be able to compare.

    In any case, in order to optimally leverage related data, "future" values should be provided even at forecast model training phase.