Retail Anaplanners! Stop What You're Doing, and Check This Out!


****, ****, ****! It's here finally. The management reporting features have just been released today, 7/28/2021.

Go into "Apps", create a new page and you'll be presented with a new option to create a report! Wow! What a game changer.



  • Can't wait to see what kind of magical examples you cook up for us Jared. Perhaps a little retail event in the works to highlight this exciting new feature?
  • @Tiffany.Rice That is such a good idea. 

    When the reporting feature was announced I had 2 hours to create the report below, before an Anaplan demo for a prospective customer. This is what I came up with as part of their labor scheduling (data is completely made up). Took me maybe 10 minutes - super easy to use. Best part is the ability to overlay images. You can create some amazing slides, almost exactly like Canva.