User Stories Workshop Recap


Big thanks to @BeccaR for helping us navigate the art and science of user stories today! I have attached the meeting materials here and the video will posted once it is available. My favorite part was reviewing some real-life user stories and seeing how they could be improved. 

Big take-aways:

  • End users (ideally) write user stories with guidance from the Anaplan project team

  • Good user stories are specific enough to estimate LOE, but do NOT include Anaplan-specific design components

  • User stories (and backlog) should be evergreen throughout project and after go- live.

    • Revisit all user stories periodically, add detail to existing, create net new, split user stories into multiple, etc.

  • Anaplan Way (or selected PM tool) should be a one stop shop

    • Minimize extra documentation to record user story detail

    • Exception – Artifacts specifically mentioned in the user story

  • Set up expectations with functional team/SMEs that their time commitment continues throughout build & test

Drop any questions you have for us in the chat below! 


  • Really enjoyed this watchback. Will be sharing with the team (and also some non-Anaplan developers as it all holds true!) Lots of insight and items that I knew but had been filtered to the back of the memory.

    Wonder if it's worth communicating more widely?

  • So glad it was valuable! Thanks for sharing with others!