June & July 2021 Release


Check out the latest features released during the month of June 2021 and July 2021.

Enhance Model Object Search: Model Object Search capability has been extended to Saved Views and Line Item Subsets. Now Model builders can search for Modules, Lists, Line item Subsets, Saved Views and Dashboards from the Model Search section.



“Find” in Table of Contents: Model builders can use Find or Magnifying glass option in Table of contents to search for modules, saved views and dashboards.

Management Reporting Dashboard: Reporting Dashboard has been released. Now you can do lots more to help execs/higher ups understand the data without needing to create ppts.

Anaplan on Google Cloud: Anaplan is available on GCP for US Customers as of now

Flexible Formula Editor:  Model builders can now reposition and resize the new formula editor providing more flexibility in model building



Reopen the Landing Dashboard: Users can quickly reopen their default or landing dashboard directly from the table of contents. This is applicable only in case of Classic UX.



Workspace names on Home:  Workspace names are now listed to the model cards on Home Page

Plan IQ: Anaplan time-series forecasting tool allow planners and model builders to leverage integrate ML and statistical algorithms. For more info see below links