Everlane | Interview with Jim Cramer and CEO Michael Preysman


Retail team!

I've been working with a lot of hypergrowth eCommerce companies (digital only) and their sudden interest in opening stores surprised me until I saw this 10 minute interview with Michael Preysman, the CEO of Everlane on why digital only formats need to consider opening stores.

Quote is at 5:45 about why brick & mortar is imperative for digital only formats.

  • Customer acquisition costs
  • Freight

Recommend the whole interview – lots of good information. Everlane is simply amazing - what an incredible vision they have.

What other eCommerce sites do you think should consider opening stores?



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  • Great video on the unique aspects of the Everlane approach to their Omni Channel business model.
    Columbus Consulting has been grateful to support Everlane in their Anaplan Connected Planning journey, implementing use cases for Merchandise Planning and integrated Financial Planning.
    This integration of planning activities is key to the company executing on its strategies.

  • @tomphelps3 Thank you Columbus Consulting for paving the way for retailers to get introduced to Anaplan! 

  • Thanks for the mention, Jared!


    Happy to chat with anyone interested in learning more about our perspective on Retail or Omni-channel planning.