Here's Why In-Store Experience is Still Relevant


Retail enthusiasts!

Well, this article will wrap up this month's theme about the importance in-store experience has on retail, and in particular, the Anaplan planning aspects necessary to support them. In this article from Chain Store Age, Dan Berthiaume, shares the results of 1,000 shoppers survey respondents, lending some additional evidence to the importance of stores.

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  • @JaredDolich - do I sense a user group poll in the making????  In store vs. virtual retail is such an interesting topic, I can't help but wonder the linkage between offering type and venue. 


    For me personally, I'm 100% virtual for household goods but haven't been able to kick the in-person clothes shopping habit (try it before you buy it mentality).  Obviously Stitchfix and other similar companies are making headway in that arena, bringing together the best of both worlds but I'm an adoption laggard.


    Do you have anything that you absolutely refuse to buy "online"?

  • @Tiffany.Rice 

    What a great idea. Wow, wish we could do surveys on this platform. May have to try that on LinkedIn, actually, now that I think about it, let's do it. Watch for it!

    I posed your question at the dinner table last week. The consensus was similar to yours. Shoes being the worst of them all, even if the returns are free. It's too much of a hassle. Even the Amazon locker at Whole Foods idea is a hassle.

    There are exceptions. During the beginning of the pandemic I tried to make being at home as comfortable as possible for my two daughters, aged 17 and 14 at the time. One purchase I made online was two TV's and wall mounts so I could put them in their rooms.  Thought for sure they would show up broken but they didn't. Came in perfect shape.

    Yet shoes elude us. Had a pair show up with one regular width and the other wide width. 

    Let's see what the LinkedIn Community has to say!

    Very popular Anaplan use case, by the way, for return planning for digital only platforms.

    Great suggestions @Tiffany.Rice !!