August 2021 Release


August 2021 Release and Sneak Peek at September


Bulk Open from Table of Contents:  From the Table of Contents section of New Modelling Experience (NMX) you can quickly open the objects of a particular functional area for faster access to the information that you may need. It leads to increase in productivity.


Tab Reordering: Tab Re ordering is now possible even in NMX.

Misbah_1-1630657030404.pngOpen the Source Module from NUX: Page builders can now open the source module directly from the New UX. This works in conjunction with NMX i.e., you will have to use NMX in order for this to work. Also end users don’t have this option of opening the source module and this is restricted to page builders as of today.



New Features on Reporting Page: Here are the latest updates to the Report Page

  1. Increase Row Height: This can be accessed in Page designer mode


           ii) Preview Report: Review your updates by Previewing a report before Publishing


           iii) Hierarchy Filter Enhancements: Navigate up and down your hierarchy on your report with           enhancements to the hierarchy filter.

           iv) Multi Card Select and Move: Build reports even faster with the ability to select multiple cards and align, move, duplicate, or delete them at once. You will have use “Ctrl” key to use this feature

            v) Card Link Types: Report builders now have more options to define the link in a card:

  •       Title: This is the default behavior where the user clicks the card title to navigate to the page.
  •       Icon: Navigation is controlled via a hover link in the top right of the card.
  •       None: There is no link behavior for any card on the report except for the image card where any part of the image can be clicked to navigate.

 Image Card Updates: You can now embed an image URL directly in the page


 In Product Notifications: You can get notified when tagged (@mentioned) in a comment or when a page is shared with you, without leaving the Anaplan Platform. You will receive Alerts in the Notification Bell


Field Card Configuration Panel: The field card configuration has been moved to the right hand panel so it is consistent with all other cards. 


Excel Add-in 4.3 available for all Users: Increase productivity by rolling out the Excel Add-in faster to a wider set of users. This version allows users to clone the connections of an entire workbook into a new workbook, open workbooks with duplicate connections, and install for multiple users. Learn more about this version.

Updated Anaplan Connector for DocuSign: New features include

  1. Sleek new UI that is now more consistent with Anaplan’s UX.
  2. The ability to track and update the Anaplan model with dates and comments around declined documents for reporting purposes.


New Field in Tenant Admin Console: This new field displays the geographic region of where your model data is stored and can be viewed with the tenant admin role.




Here is the Official Link from Anaplan which also shares the Sneak Peek at September

August 2021 Releases and September Sneak Peek - Anaplan Community