Let's Talk About --- Images!


Hey y'all! 


Wanted to do an appreciation post for images in the UX.  With a new update of URLs being integrated into the UX platform, I figured it would be a good time to talk about maybe some best practices with using images in Anaplan.  What I love about this new URL integration is that it works great when it's just to add a pop to a page -- especially if you're in an ALM environment (No revision tag necessary!).  



However, I would say that using a module with the URL link is probably more efficient in the long run if the image is going to be re-used throughout the App -- unless you're some sort of savant who know the URLS for all your links in Imgur (which seems to be the preferred means of creating URLs when not working with an IT department).


One thing that usually is a total "Wow-Moment" for me is when I've been able to incorporate dynamic images.  If you can create URLs for each item in a product hierarchy, or for every department in a department hierarchy, it can really add a personalized touch that makes someone in my audience more engaged.


Anyone else have some best practices that they utilize with Images in Anaplan?