Howdy, New Texas Group Members!


Hey ya'll! 


Just a monthly shout out to our newest members of the Texas Group!  The list is long (which is exciting), so just want to welcome in:














WOW!  It's so great that all of you have joined this group.  


As always, feel free to use this group as a forum for any of your needs.  If you just can't figure out a filter and the other community posts aren't working for you --- then ask away! If you need someone to finally clarify the difference between a SUM and a LOOKUP, we've been there and are available to help.  


Whatever you need --- we're here to help! If you feel comfortable -- PLEASE let us know a bit about yourself and where you're at with Anaplan. 


Happy Anaplanning! 


  • Howdy @kaitchura ! Thanks so much for the warm welcome and definitely excited to be here 😁

  • Thank you for the welcome, it is much appreciated!

    I graduated from UT (Hook 'Em) and currently living in Houston. When I'm not studying to become a future Anaplan model builder then I'm out trying all the amazing food Houston has to offer.

    Ecstatic to be here!