Last one of the year


Hi Guys,

The registration link is live for the last event of the year.


Hope to see you all there,




  • Will make sure i've got mince pies and mulled wine! 🎉

  • We are planning on a full Christmas theme @andrewtye - Paul and I just need to align on our elf outfits - colour co-ordination is so key!

  • andrewtye_0-1637743810993.png


  • And cryptically I already know what the best enhancement since last time will be.

  • Thinking about what we should have as conversations next year...

    I do quite enjoy that it's virtual - gives a chance to actually attend rather than it being "London" skewed when it was IRL.

    Do quite like the reflections of what's new since last time and if people have been using them but maybe we should flip it up and go open floor with it and see what people are / aren't using rather than necessarily going through them all?

    Am not sure about whether separate "deep-dive" sessions on say Plan IQ, Polaris, etc. would be right. Maybe bringing those into the main group would be better? And how do we as a group link with the UK&I Group as these sort of things would have a lot of overlap

    On problem solving, etc I think it's a question of where do we put a something. IMO it would be good if we could post to multiple channels in the forum or at least have it visible in multiple places.


    Have a great Christmas! See you in 2022.