Update Release Monday 6th December 2021


We have released an updated to Anaplan Polaris in the EA environment. This contains a number of small fixes. Some of which are outlined below:


The Ability to import model structure from compatible Classic Models


It is now possible in Anaplan Polaris to import model structure from Anaplan Classic, provided the Classic model contains no features or functions that are not supported in Anaplan Polaris (e.g. Time Ranges, RANK function etc). Note that Cell Data will NOT be imported, and no warning will be shown to alert of that.




A number of issues were identified with Subsets when using certain formula constructs. A number of these have now been resolved.


Error message improvements


A number of error messages have been improved. Particularly those relating to cyclic calculations and issues arising from approaching the 2^64 addressable cell per line item limit.


Minor calculation issues


A number of minor calculation issues identified from testing, including changes to LOOKUP, POST, CUMULATE, MIN, MAX, MOVINGSUM.


  • Hi David,

    Is there a 'definitive' (at a given date) list of differences between Classic and Polaris?

    If so could you point me please?